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An aerial round sling, also known as an endless loop sling or a soft sling, is a type of lifting and rigging equipment commonly used in aerial sports

A Lupit Aerial, Round sling (3000 kg/ 6.613 lb) is made of high-strength synthetic material. It consists of a continuous loop of fabric that is securely stitched together to form a strong and flexible sling. The ends of the sling are usually reinforced to enhance durability and protect against abrasion.

These slings are called "round slings" because of their tubular or cylindrical shape. The circular construction distributes the load evenly across the sling, minimizing stress concentrations and reducing the risk of falls.

It's important to note that proper usage, inspection, and adherence to safety guidelines are crucial when using aerial round slings or any lifting equipment. Regular inspections for wear, tears, or other signs of damage should be conducted, and the slings should be used within their designated load limits.

Additionally, training and certification in rigging and lifting operations are recommended to ensure the safe and effective use of aerial round slings.


Aerial round slings offer several advantages:

High Load Capacity:

They are designed to handle heavy loads, with load capacities typically ranging from a few hundred kilograms to several tonnes.


The soft and flexible nature of the sling allows it to conform to the shape of the load, providing a secure and balanced lifting point.


The soft fabric construction is less likely to cause scratches or dents compared to other rigging methods.

Lightweight and Portable:

Aerial round slings are lightweight and easy to transport.

Lupit Aerial, Round sling (3000 kg)

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