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start 17/11 kl.7.00
slut 24/11 kl 22.00
Schyssta priser och rabatter på kläder, merch,    och kortlekar mm ! Priserna kan sjunka under veckan, men hur länge törs du vänta? 

Rabatt på alla Lupit G2 stänger och Hoop 

Made of anodized aluminium, this figure 8 is light but strong and has a great shape to attach silk to. The breaking load limit of this item is 35kN for the intended use in climbing. In combination with Lupit silk, this rig has a payload limit of 128 kg (282 lbs).

Our aerial rigging equipment is made from the highest quality components to ensure your safety and peace of mind. This figure 8 rope abseiler is suitable for rigging aerial silks. It can be used as a bell or silk hook to hang your aerial fabric and secure it to your mounting point.

Lupit Aerial, silk mount - figure 8 (50 kN)

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