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Professional Aerial Hoop, also known as Aerial Lyra, is a special device used in aerial dance and aerial acrobatics. Aerial Hoop is performed by dancers, acrobats and circus artists who demonstrate their strength, flexibility and artistry in the air.

900mm950mm1000mm 1050mm

Performers use the aerial hoop to execute a variety of moves, transitions, and poses, both inside and outside the hoop. They can spin, swing, hang, and contort their bodies in artistic and dynamic ways, utilizing the circular shape of the hoop to create visually stunning shapes and lines.

Aerial hoop requires significant strength, body awareness, and flexibility. Performers develop upper body and core strength to support themselves on the hoop and execute intricate manoeuvres. They also develop flexibility in their back, shoulders, and legs to achieve various positions and transitions.

In professional aerial hoop performances, the artist's choreography and movement are often synchronized with music and may incorporate storytelling, emotion, and expression. Performers may also incorporate other aerial apparatuses, such as silks or trapeze, into their routines to add variety and complexity.

Overall, a professional aerial hoop combines athleticism, creativity, and grace to create captivating performances that showcase the beauty and artistry of aerial dance and acrobatics.


Professional aerial hoop for aerial dance and aerial acrobatic

Available different sizes (outer/inner diameters):

Outer diameter 35.4”/900 mm, inner diameter 33.07”/840 mm

Outer diameter 37.4”/950 mm, inner diameter 35.04”/890 mm

Outer diameter 39.37”/1000 mm, inner diameter 37”/940 mm

Outer diameter 41.34”/1050 mm, inner diameter 38.98”/990 mm

Convertible design. The hoop can be easily converted from non-attachment to single or double rigging points

The minimum working load limit (WLL) is 3KN and the minimum Breaking Load limit (BLL) is 10KN.

Handle diameter: 1.18 inch / 30 mm

Tube thickness: 0.09 inch / 2.5 mm

Type of rigging mount: Two types of exchangeable suspensions with shaft (axle) are possible:

Lupit hoop/lyra classic rigging mount 

Lupit hoop/lyra IPSF rigging mount 

Rigging mounts are not included in the package

Lupit hoop/lyra black, tube diameter 30mm

kr2 899,00Pris
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